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Up, Up and Away!

In the 2011 Move Up Rally, this years seniors are pictured in the turquoise sophomore section.

Sharon Kumar, Writer

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As we come to the end of the 2012 and 2013 school year it’s time for River City high school’s annual Moving Up Rally. The students sit in the bleachers and towards the end of the rally they move over to their next grade level’s section.

The moving up rally has symbolism and meaning to many students past and present. It’s said to be one of the best rallies of the year. The students say this is one of the best because many people enjoy the physical movement and everyone is involved.

The seniors part of the rally is extra special because they get to walk around with the rest of their graduating class and then exit the gym to symbolize that they are about to leave.

For the juniors it’s realization that they are about to become seniors and the responsibilities they will hold for the next year. The juniors move into the senior seats which resembles power and height above all.

Sophomores have another special reason to celebrate because they finally get to cross over the stage into the juniors shoes. Now officially they are upperclassmen.

Finally the freshman get to say “we’ll at least I’m not a freshman anymore.” Now they won’t be considered at the very bottom.

Vanessa Luna freshman says, “I really don’t know what this rally is for but I’m exited to be there and see how it all goes down and I’m extra exited for people to see me more than a freshman now.”

Nou Lor a sophomore says, “it means a lot for me because I’m getting closer and closer to graduation now and as far as I’m concerned ‘moving up’ I feel like I’ve accomplished another goal in my life and now I’ll be an upperclassman, more status now.”

Valerie Rodriguez a junior says, “Finally, I’m going to be a senior … wow this is such a big thing! I’ve waited so long and put in so much effort into this. Being a senior is a lot of work from what I have heard but I’m happy to know that I have accomplished something and now am moving on, senior year here I come.”

Julie Flores a senior says, “It’s going to be sad; I’ll be leaving everyone behind like my friends and teachers and the overall routine of high school. The move up rally is my favorite rally of the year it’s when everyone is together in honor of everyone else; this is going to be an emotional event.”

Whether you’re a freshman or a senior the move up rally has significance because you have finished one goal now it’s time to start a new one.

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Up, Up and Away!