OuRCity News

Editorial Policy

Editorial Policy: OuRCity News is a student publication and public forum. In accordance with state education code, the editorial staff of OuRCity News shall be responsible for assigning and editing the news, editorial and feature content of this publication.

Editorials reflect the opinion of only the writer. If no byline appears, the editorial reflects the opinion of the Editorial Board.
Comments left on stories will only be published if they have a valid email address. OuRCity News reserves the right to not publish any comment it receives.
Views of the editors and staff, as well as letters to the editor do not necessarily reflect those of the administration and/or staff of River City High School.

OuRCity staff has the right to accept, reject, edit or cancel any advertisement. The staff of OuRCity News will not accept advertising that incites or encourages illegal activity or is libelous or obscene in the opinion of the editorial board. Advertising must offer merchandise or service and must refrain from attacking competitors or disparaging their products, services or methods of doing business. Advertising accepted by OuRCity News shall not be construed as an endorsement by the school staff, adviser administration or Board of Education. OuRCity News makes no guarantees as to the quality of a particular service or product.

Photography Policy
Published photographs will not be altered except as necessary in professionally accepted color level and cropping procedures.