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Raider Recommends

March 18, 2019

     Introducing...Raider Recommends      Raider Recommends is a new page on our website that is solely for reviews. When you click on the Raider Recommend button in the menu bar at the top of the page or click here, ...

Du-Rag Controversy Resolved

Karolena Rubio, Editor

December 13, 2018

      A school dress code policy that prohibits students from wearing du-rags or headscarves on campus is no longer being enforced, says Principal Stan Mojsich.       “Some kids came and spoke to me, and did it ...

Freshmen Royalty

Breana Booher and Jonathan Hernandez

October 25, 2018

     The night was cold and windy, causing people to shake, not just from the excitement.      As you would expect, all of the nominees were on edge, worried about if they would be accepted or rejected by the whole schoo...

PE Classes Strive to Combat Skyrocketing Campus Obesity Rate

Adam Gonzalez and Jonathan Nguyen

October 25, 2018

     Fall is finally here and many students are eagerly counting down the days to Halloween and Thanksgiving.      When people think about these two holidays, they mostly think about spending time with family but wh...

Senior Reflections

Jessica Cornejo, reporer

May 31, 2018

          Out of the four hundred eighty-three seniors that are graduating this May, there are bound to be some interesting stories to be shared about their four years in high school.           Sports games. Rallies. School...

Staff Appreciation

Staff Appreciation

May 22, 2018

What They had to Say

What They had to Say

April 26, 2018