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Aladdin Jr. in the Making

Juliet Rodriguez, Reporter
April 2, 2019
These are the puppets that were made by Samantha Fry,Luz Hernandez,and Brooklyn Ringor,they are covering the scene with Hamlets step dad and uncle.

Seniors View On The Hamlet

Nyeeja Chew, Reporter
June 2, 2017
Victoria Goloveshkin a flautist stands with a smile beside a music sign after getting a medal for first rating medal at Sacramento State.

Lost Within the Music

Jescherie Pascua Arela and Saydee Troche
May 12, 2017
 Excitement and Happiness hovers the room when Weatherly joins the vocalist Gabby Baba to sing “So close yet so far.” The glow and smile on their face displays their determination and intense happiness

So Close Yet So Far

Breana Booher and Anand Sharma
March 28, 2017
Sewing Her Way In…

Sewing Her Way In…

Saba Khan, Editor
January 26, 2016
RCHS Winter Concert

RCHS Winter Concert

Michael Dunham, Writer
January 12, 2016
This is the tomb of a student that includes foods like pizza and electronics like a cell phone and a gaming console.

Take me to Egypt

Faisal Khan, Writer
September 25, 2015
Photo taken by AnnaMaria Corona of the Command dance crew performing at the rally last week.

Command at the Rally!

Danny Verdadero, Writer
September 25, 2015
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