The Good Samaritan

Schroeder helps AO students succeed

Nyeeja Chew, Reporter

     When Marlaina Schroeder was in the 10th grade, she had to do an English book report but she had to dress up as one of the characters and present in front of the class. Before presenting day, she tried to talk her teacher into not letting her present but they didn’t listen. So when it was her turn she got so worked up and nervous that she passed out. She then knew that she has an anxiety disorder. That didn’t stop her from getting up everyday to teach students all day. On the side of teaching at River City High School Marlaina Schroeder also teaches dance classes, and she runs link crew.


     She teaches AP Biology, Biology, Chemistry, and Building Foundation for Success. Every Friday they do grade checks, Friday when they walk in class they grab the paper and write down their grades and the percentages. You show the paper to her and she helps you fix your grades C or below.


     Aside from working in Small West Sacramento She actually come from a really big state. Schroeder was born in Portland,Ohio, she lived there up until the seventh grade then she moved in a large home with her four sisters that is located in San Diego.

     Schroeder said, “It was kind of crazy growing up in a house with four girls but there was a lot of good relationships and fun times.’’

     Her father was a construction worker and he owns his own company buying and selling homes and, her mother works as a 1st grade teacher.

     Since her mother was a first grade teacher it was always a must that Schroeder and her sisters did their homework. They always have their mother there for them to provide help that they need .She first wanted to be a doctor, but that wasn’t what she thought it was, so she is now a high school teacher. Schroeder also runs an after school program called Academic Outreach. This program allows students to get the help to keep good grades.

     Did you know that  70% of America’s High School Graduates go to college ? So that means that other 30% work a minimum wage job or they live in poverty. About 4 years ago at River City High School 25% of the school was failing more than two class with an F. So to help kids bring their grades up Marlaina came up with the idea of an after school program that was named Academic Outreach. They do not force students to go but they definitely encourage them, they send invitation letters home. About 600 kids are invited but roughly 150-200 kids come.

     They started AO (Academic Outreach) in the Spring of 2012. During an interview, Schroeder was asked, What did you do to get AO approved ? “Half of the school was failing so everybody was pretty much on bored, I scheduled an appointment with the principal, ran my idea through to him and three weeks later AO started.” There are about twelve teachers that help out with AO and about 200 students come almost every day. Schroeder said ‘‘My favorite part has to be watching them go from failing to passing’’

     There was a day in AO when three teachers were out sick so there were over 40 kids in Schroeders class. They were getting out of control. There were kids who were cursing, running in and out, and not listening when Schroeder was asking if they staying in or out.

     No matter how bad days get Marlaina still loves her job.

     All in all, everybody deserves a chance to get the right education and to be who they want to be, and Schroeder wants to be that person who, “makes a difference in the world and in their lives. Nothing is more important to me than the relationships I build and the legacy I leave behind – both for myself and my family, I love knowing that I can have a positive impact on someone’s life. It truly gives my life meaning; so, in a way, it is completely selfish.”Marlaina feels that if she wasn’t teaching she would,“ love to run a foster home or a group home for teens that are still in the system. I would love to take care of the children that have never been given a fair share.”

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