What They had to Say

Parent interviews regarding lockdown at River City High School


March 5th, 2018: a day teachers and students at River City High School feared for what’s to come. A voicemail was sent to the front office on Friday March 2nd from an unknown caller, it was later that following Monday morning they had heard the threatening voicemail causing the school to go on lockdown.     

Students thought nothing of it at first, but then eventually reality struck soon parents became involved. Sophomore, Annyus Chandler specified that she was scared for 20 minutes, but then she realized it was not a school shooter, she felt like it was just a situation that should have been handled before time. Her mother, Sameerah Ivory, was not aware that there was a lockdown happening at the school.

“I found out about the lockdown through my daughter. She had text me just in case anything serious was happening, ” Ivory recalled.

She reacted any other way a parent would.

“When my daughter had told me about the lockdown, I began to panic, I was scared and angry also of course worried,” Ivory related.  

Most parents had trouble picking up their children, causing frustration.

“I didn’t like how there was only one person signing out hundreds of students causing it to take longer. I felt like this could have been handled in a better way. I was annoyed and just worried, I wanted my child to just come home,” stated Ivory

Moving on, sophomore, Litzy Lopez, a bus rider, called her mother to tell her she was okay and not to get scared because everything was going to be fine.

Although busses took a bit too long, she still made it home safely.  Her mother, Maria Lopez, already knew what was going on. Maria’s first initial thought was it had to be serious because of everything happening world wide like the Florida school shooting on February 14, 2018.

During this prospect, many parents had to wait and hear updates from their children.

“During this process, I was waiting to hear that everything was okay and to see if everyone is fine,” Maria recalled.

Many parents have problems communicating with the school staff like if they speak a different language,  there are only a few who have the help they need when it comes to school related stuff about their children.

“As a Spanish speaker, I do not have a problem with communicating to the school  because I have someone with who to communicate just in case I have questions, but I do feel like there are some parents who struggle with this problem,” Maria specified.

A somewhat similar situation happened to sophomore Isabel Flores, busses were taking too long, leading her to call her mother Lina Caramillo to pick her up. The way Lina found out there was a lockdown at River City was not a way anyone should be informed about a situation like this.

“One of our family members texted me and asked if Isabel was okay and she told me there was a lockdown happening at River City,” Lina concluded.

There were many different feelings towards the lockdown from parents.

“I was glad that they took the suspicious voicemail serious and announced a lockdown instead of just brushing it off, but I was upset that they didn’t say anything before school started,” Caramillo queried.

During this Dilemma, a lot of parents were not doing anything, but checking up on their children.

“I was texting my daughter making sure she was safe,” Caramillo concluded.

There are different ways all parents view this lockdown, but one thing they all have in common is to make sure these kinds of things don’t ever happen again.The school should be more prepared if something like this happens again.