Government Shutdown Affects School on Many Different Levels

Families are Struggling, Protests are Forming and This is Only The Start

Kadija Rhuma and Aurora Alatorre

     Being limited, things we needed and things we wanted, the most hard hitting point in families whose parents had a federal job. Many families were outraged, they felt like they had no voice, in result there has been multiple protests against the president’s decision of shutting down the government and building the wall along the U.S. Mexican Border. On December 23, 2018, President Donald J. Trump shut down the government to fulfill his promise he made back in 2016 during his campaign concerning a border wall.

     Many offers have been made to the President to stop the Shutdown and every time he’s refused. Due to his decision of the shutdown and the wall, it has affected families at River City and indirectly our school.

     Trump asked the democrats to give him 5.7 billion for the wall, but the Democrats said they would only offer him 1.3 billion and that’s only for border security and they offered him this as a way or deal to end the shutdown. Although, he did not accept. As there have been many other shutdowns in American history, the 2019 shutdown has been recorded as the longest running shutdown in American history with 35 days of federal employees working without pay.


     “Many forget this affects a lot of people, people live paycheck to paycheck so they are suffering,” said Mrs. Spivey,the BFFS and Senior Seminar teacher. “It’s all the way down to homeless shelters, for a long time I worked there and it makes me really sad because these people do not have any other place to go they don’t have resources. People that are in Second Chance programs or they have to pay rent on time every month or they get kicked out and then violate parole, they go back to jail and prison there’s a lot of people who don’t have anything that are going to be completely screwed over for months.”


     A federal employee who is a parent of a River City school openly shared his experience and struggles of this shutdown.

     “It is affecting me because I have kids to feed, I have a house to pay for the mortgage, I have insurance that I need to have so that I will be able to pay for my medicine and by having the government not open that means I am out of work and  I will not be able to pay for my health insurance until I go back to work. So now I lost my health insurance which I believe I need to have and also I have bills to pay, I have my son I pay for his college and now I am not able to, I have electricity, and heat, gas, and a car to pay monthly and all of this I will not be able to do,” said anonymously.


     Around River City, students are aware of the shutdown and wanted their voices to be heard.


     “People are being forced to work without pay,” Midori Tistale said.


     “A president shouldn’t have that much power over the government to shut it down…

     Taking jobs and rights and happiness, he’s throwing a tantrum,¨ shared Eveylen Morisseau.  


     ¨People should be able to vote for a wall, he’s abusing his power,” Athena Rowe exclaimed.  


     This Shutdown has not only affected many workers but it can also indirectly affect our school.  

     We don’t totally know that because at this point no, so we are not seeing any effects currently, directly, right now. But the longest shutdown I believe and remember I don’t know all the history but I believe the longest shutdown up to this point has been 21 days. If this goes on longer there could be some thing that comes up that we just don’t realize right now for example there are things that come to the state for education that are federally funded, right ? that´s money that comes from Washington DC so if those things don’t reach us then yeah that would affect us but what we don’t know is how long it takes for something like that to happen,” explained Mr. Mojsich.  

     Mrs. Spivey agreed.


     ¨I don’t think that the government shutdown directly affects our school like that do I think it indirectly does absolutely cause I think that cuts are being made. What cuts are being made I am not exactly sure. What I am trying to say is that there is five billion dollars they want to pay for this wall and they should put that money where it matters and I think education is one of those things.”


     Mr. Mojsich goes back and adds more thoughts about how possibly the shutdown might could affect the school.


     “Well if you don’t get funds for certain things then you can’t offer all the programs you want for students and there are different things that come from the state government.”


     This is just the start. The next government shutdown is looming, the next is yet to come.