Top Ten Seniors

River City Seniors with the highest grade point averages.

Karolena Rubio, Editor

     As the school year is nearing to an end, RaiderVoice would like to shine some light on the top ten students of the senior class. “Top ten” meaning the ten students with the highest grade point averages in the entire senior class. These individuals have been determined from freshman year to keep their educations as their top priorities, and we are so excited to see what they accomplish after graduation.

     Lauren Dela Rosa ranked one of ten. Lauren’s extracurriculars include playing tennis, alongside Sommer Alex, who is also ranked in the Top Ten.

     Dela Rosa is also heading to UC Berkeley alongside Kyra Golightly. Dela Rosa is majoring in Mathematics and minoring possibly in Computer Science.

     Dela Rosa says, “I loved AP Calculus and AP Statistics. I’m a big math geek and took these mathematical principles and applied them to real-life situations. I enjoyed taking the opportunity to see the world in a different way”.

     Lauren says that being within the top ten of the class does not signify who is the most intelligent, that it is a measure of who has taken the most AP classes, which is demanding and takes a lot of determination but is worth it all in the end.

     Sommer Alex spent most of her high school years playing tennis alongside Lauren Dela Rosa and taking rigorous high school courses.

     Alex will be attending Harvard University in the fall, with a full ride scholarship! She said she is very excited about the future and graduation to come. Alex is ranked two out of ten.

     Another future Cal Bear is Hemani Patel. Patel is ranked three out of ten and will be attending UC Berkeley in the fall.

     “I will always remember high school as having the time of my life. I did Girls Volleyball for all four years, being captain of the 2018 Varsity team. I played the setter position,” says Patel.

     Hemani says she is proud to be apart of the top ten, and that it was well worth the hard work and determination. She explained her overall experience as “amazing!”

     “My high school experience was busy, more than anything, but worthwhile,” remarks Kyra Golightly. She is ranked four out of ten.

     Kyra is attending UC Berkeley in the fall of 2019 and double majoring in Physics and Statistics. Of course, it took determination to get into the prestigious university

     “I started taking honors classes freshman year and worked up to multiple AP classes later on. I had to make sure school was my number 1 priority; homework and grades came before everything” explains Golightly, as she was determined from her first days at River City to excel through her education.

     We are so excited to see all that Kyra accomplishes as she aspires to work for NASA some day.

     “Take in every moment and never wish for high school to go by fast, because it goes by in the blink of an eye” states Liliana Flores. Liliana is ranked five out of ten.

     Flores did extracurriculars such as MECHA club, Key Club, Skills USA and has played volleyball all four years of high school. Liliana is enrolled for the fall of 2019 to attend UC Davis and will be studying electrical engineering.

     “All I did was work hard and try to do my best in all of my classes,” remarks Flores, as she says that is what it takes to be at the top of the class. Liliana gives high school a solid 10/10 ranking.

     Addison Taylor is known on campus for his outgoing personality as he was named Most Spirited in the yearbook, and for participating on the swim and water polo teams. Taylor is ranked six out of ten and is going to college at UC Santa Cruz in the fall.

     “I’m going to UC Santa Cruz because I really liked that it’s near the beach and close to home,” says Taylor as the location and scenery piqued his interest in the university.

     Ariana Gonzalez ranked seven out of ten says, “My high school experience was an  8. It had ups and downs but I can’t complain too much, it could’ve been way worse but it wasn’t. I got closer to really great people and teachers and high school treated me well”.

     Her favorite teachers on campus include Ms. Tan, Mrs. Smith, Mr. Colligan, and Mr. Malec.

     Gonzalez also did a fair share of extracurriculars as well. She participated in Academic Decathlon, Mecha Club, Gardening Club and also did cross country. Gonzalez has a lot of emotions moving forward. She’s expressed excitement and also nervousness for what the future holds, but knows it’ll all be great in the end.

     Future Aggie Alisha Vikash is excited for graduation as she is attending UC Davis in the fall of 2019. Alisha is ranked eight out of ten. Her extracurriculars were  CSTEM/robotics (team leader), CREATE (member), Mathletes (secretary), and MESA (member).

     “I would give me high school experience a seven out of ten. Even at times if I enjoyed high school, there were moments where I didn’t feel like going to school. High school was jam-packed with –  studying mostly – and great times that made it worthwhile” expresses Vikash.

     Carina Oleynichenko is ranked nine out of ten. Oleynichenko‘s dream is to major as a biomedical engineer and work with prosthetics and machines in a hospital.

     “I enjoyed the engineering and science academy pathway,” says bahaha as she recalls her high school classes. “I am extremely nervous to see what the future holds. High school was a rollercoaster” recalls Oleynichenko, as she said she also enjoyed the AP classes on campus.

     And last but not least, ranked ten out of ten, Flora Cox will be spending her next fall semester at UC Santa Barbara.

      faced many challenges throughout high school. I have taken a total of seven of AP classes” says Cox, as she said it was a constant stress to get through, but her goal from freshman year was to make the top ten.

     Flora’s extracurriculars include CREATE, CSTEM, JROTC and a variety of other clubs.

     Flora also says, “My favorite classes were my engineering classes. I met some really good friends in the engineering pathway. I hope more kids seek the opportunities that I was given. I was offered an internship due to this program.”

     Many students who have participated in the pathways at River City have left with a world opportunity and experience for the future.

     Furthermore, River City impacted these ten individuals and gave them opportunities for the following chapters to come. The top ten seniors at the beginning of the next school year will get their photos hung with the collection of past top ten seniors in the past classes. Many of these students maintained a high-grade point average and developed study skills that kept them determined to succeed through their educations. We are so excited to see what they accomplish in the future!!

     Congratulations to the Class of 2019!