Getting Rid of the Tarp

AnnaMaria Corona, Writer

At the homecoming rally there was an incident where a leadership student fell on the tarp and as a result she might have to get surgery.
“I do believe the tarps should be there, the tarps are necessary. If people are going to set up stages, walk with heels on the floor, or spill liquids on the floor, then we need to protect the floors,” says athletic director, Mr. King.
Most of the staff thinks that the tarp should be on the gym floor during events so the floor doesn’t get damaged. It is required for it to be on the floor for future events. We’ve been using it on the gym floor for three years and counting.
I think that the tarps have a good reason to be there but, if you don’t want to damage your floor have the event somewhere else. If you can’t figure out where else to have future events, figure out how to seal that gap that the student tripped on. The student was injured badly and it could be worse if we don’t find a way to prevent it.
Between 1997 and 2007, the annual number of gym class injuries grew by 150%, according to a study published in this week’s edition of the journal Pediatrics.
I know it’s required, I’m not trying to get the tarp removed but, the severity of the student’s injury should be enough to tell you how serious this is. When students are seriously injured and we continue to use objects that have already proven themselves to be more harmful than beneficial why do we continue to use them?
Prisha Narayan says “No, it would be hard to make up new games but, I do feel bad for my sister and I wouldn’t want it to happen to anyone else.”