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School Lunches: Yuck or Yummy

Breana Booher, Reporter

The thought of school lunches usually sends a chill down anyone’s spine. Why you ask? Simply because more times than not they are not very appetizing. Well I’m going to try every item on the school menu to find out if all school lunches are actually as revolting as the rumors say.


Day 1: I tried the spicy chicken sandwich on day one. I went into this thinking it wouldn’t actually be “spicy” but to my pleasant surprise it was. The chicken was moist and surprisingly tasty for a school lunch. It was hot, temperature wise, which is amazing because who wants to bite into a supposedly hot sandwich and it ends up being cold? No one. Day one is complete and I would definitely eat this again. Grade: B


Day 2: For day two I tried the cheeseburger which is one of the food items I wasn’t really excited about. When I took that first bite of the cheeseburger I was shocked at the result. It was actually not terrible, in fact it was really good. When you get the cheese burger you can also grab a container with lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles, I did add the lettuce and tomatoes. The burger was really good, other than the fact that the cheese was weird looking and tasted like it was created in a mad scientist’s lab. Nonetheless the whole cheeseburger was not too shabby. Grade: B+


Day 3: Next on the list to try was a ham sandwich. In this sandwich was ham, cheese, and lettuce. I didn’t expect it to be gross or absolutely amazing either. The bread, unlike the last two food items, was very good. It tasted delightful actually. The ham, to my surprise, didn’t taste like it was from the school cafeteria but fresh from the supermarket. Usually meat from school is pretty questionable as to if it’s actually edible. On the sandwich there was shreds of lettuce which honestly, I expected it to be soggy or taste a bit old, but once again, to my surprise it wasn’t. It didn’t taste fresh but it also didn’t taste a week old. The cheese wasn’t totally amazing but the rest of the good qualities balanced it out. In the end, I was very pleased with the sandwich and would recommend it for people to try. Grade: A-


Day 4: On day four I tried the teriyaki and rice. I went into this expecting not to like due to past experiences. My expectations didn’t fail me. From the moment I opened the box and I got a whiff of the smell of wet dog food, I wanted nothing to do with it. When I took a bit of the meat my mouth got filled with the taste of what i could only imagine wet dog food tasted like. It was not pleasant. The rice was incredibly bland. It was just not very appetizing.  Grade: D


Day 5: For day five I had the pork burrito. When I got it I was happily surprised to see how large the burrito was. When I took a bite of it was hot, and was actually really filled with a lot of pork. The meat was highly enjoyable. The tortilla wasn’t super stale which is good. All in all it was really good and very filling. Grade B+


Day 6: Cheese pizza was the food of choice for day 6. As most teenagers are, I’m a pizza lover so I was pretty happy to be eating it at school. Beforehand I was expecting to like it but not totally love it. When I bit into the slice, it did taste good but the cheese tasted a little stale. The sauce had great flavor. There was some little tomato chunks on it so it didn’t completely taste like it was processed, which is what I had assumed. At the end I was pleased with how good it was. Obviously it’s no Round Table or Little Caesars but as far as a school lunch goes, it wasn’t too bad. Grade: C+


Day 7: On day seven I ate the Pepperoni pizza. It was surprisingly good, the pepperoni wasn’t gross, it was crispy. The cheese was the same and so was the sauce but the pepperoni balanced that all out so it tasted better than the cheese pizza. The crust was super crunchy but at the same time it was chewy, it was a weird texture. Grade: B-


Day 8: For the remainder of the days reviewing food, I actually wasn’t the one who was going to be reviewing the food due to the fact that I got braces and my wisdom teeth pulled within the span of two weeks, so I couldn’t eat food. Instead I got sophomore Jonathan Hernandez to try the food. So for day eight, grilled cheese was the item of choice. “Before I didn’t find it appealing to my eyes”  according to Hernandez, this was a typical school lunch. “The cheese was too processed and the bread was too soft, almost soggy”. During and after he ate the grilled cheese he was not satisfied at all.  Grade: C


Day 9: On day nine, Hernandez ate a chicken wrap. Before he ate it he thought it looked appealing and decent. Inside the wrap was chicken, lettuce, and a sauce Hernandez described as “Sweet” and “very creamy and it was like orange”. While he was eating it he was pleased with the taste  and in the end he was actually full. Grade: B


Day 10: Orange chicken and rice was the choice today. “Before the food looked fake” as he started to eat the food he didn’t have all negative feelings towards this meal. “I really loved the texture of the orange chicken, it was sweet and crunchy kind of.” nonetheless this is a school lunch which means there’s usually something wrong. “I hated the rice, it was too plain” Grade: C+


Day 11: Pineapple and ham pizza. The food that is hated and loved by many. “The pizza looked good at first and tasted crunchy and sweet when I started eating it.” Said Hernandez. According to him, the size was the only thing wrong with the pizza. “I was half full because it was an eh sized piece. In the end the food was really good and would be suggested to other pineapple on pizza eaters. Grade: B


Day 12: Spaghetti was the food for day twelve. Spaghetti is pretty simple so you’d have to be the worst cook ever to mess up spaghetti, but, it is possible and I was curious if the school had enough skills to mess this up or to perfect it. Looking at it, it looked good, there was tomato sauce and meat. When I ate it I was somewhat shocked and pleased as if i was expecting it to be good but surprised it was good. It tasted like actual pasta (which is amazing obviously). Grade: B+


Day 13: For day thirteen Hernandez tried the macaroni and cheese, before he ate it he thought it looked “gross” and when eating he said it was not very pleasing. His first choice of words was “this mac and cheese is wack and cheese” and it wasn’t a compliment. “It was too soft and tasted like plastic for some reason.”claimed Hernandez. After he ate it he felt unsatisfied. Grade: D


Day 14: On day fourteen, the last day of reviewing school lunch food, the taco bowl was the food of choice. “Before it looked good and it tasted good.”. Inside the taco bowl was cheese, lettuce, beans, taco meat, and jalapenos. Like most items with cheese in school lunches, the cheese in the taco bowl was “icky”. All in all, the taco bowl was delightful but it seems like the cheeses in school could use some upgrading. Grade: B
At the end of reviewing all of these school lunches I was honestly surprised about how many lunches weren’t revolting, don’t get me wrong there was definitely some foods that were in fact revolting and questionable as to if it’s actually edible. There’s some foods i’ll consider eating regularly

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