Apple Airpods Review

Anthony Castro, Reporter

     The Apple Airpods which I think knocked out the bluetooth competition . The Airpods are wireless apple earbuds, which I think  have a better sound quality then the wire Apple earbuds. The apple airpods are easy to use with a flip open to the case and putting the Airpods into your ears, which they automatically connect to your phone. I purchased the product for 160 dollars, the product took about a month to come in which at the time were only online order but now I’m pretty sure you can only purchase the product at a Apple store. I personally purchased mine pair of  Airpods from Best Buy online.

     The product comes with a apple charger, a charging case for the airpods. And the airpods inside the charging case. To pair to your phone, you open the top part of the case and it should show up the charging case on your phone saying pair. Once your airpods are connected to your phone, open the top part of the case again and it shows you the battery percentage to your charging case for the airpods and your airpods. You do have the charge the charging case for the airpods.

     To charge its the same charging cord as your phone. To use Airpods you must have an Iphone. The double tap feature, on bluetooth in your phone paired with your airpods it should have a setting button next to the name airpods. In the settings of the airpods, you are able to change the name of the airpods, the double tap on either airpod with siri, play/pause, next track, and previous track. You can also change if want ear detection on or off.

     Ear detection on is when playing music and you take a airpod out of your ear the music will stop and ear detection off is when playing music and you take a airpod out of your ear the music will keep on going in the other airpod. Another thing Apple never released anything about the airpods being waterproof or water resistant but people have been taking showers and listening to music and they work fine. I wanted to try this out for myself but instead I walked home on a pouring day of rain when I got home the airpods were soaked and so were the inside of my ears but they worked perfectly when I was walking home, no pause or anything. I recommend you buying a pair of apple airpods for yourself.