Exposing the Truth in Glass

LaRae Washington, Reporter


     Glass was a pretty good movie though it did get overly intense. The story line is not confusing but it’s also not completely clear.The movie is about  3 people. One of those people has multiple personalities. In this movie we meet 20 of James McAvoy’s characters. Kevin Wendell Crumb being the original. The main character that wants to be let out is the beast. He is a big, mean,murderous monster who just wants to hurt people and kill. Then there’s Dr.Glass he is the mastermind of an amazing plan and the entire movie. Dr.Glass has brittle bones which is the reason he is in a wheelchair. He makes an entire plan to show everyone that people with superhuman powers do exist. He get our next charter here. His name is David Dunn. He is a father and the nemesis of Dr.Glass. He goes around doing detective work and fighting people and saving his town. Durng the movie 4 cheerleaders are kidnapped.Theyre held in a building by The Beast. The beast and David fight and are taken to a mental hospital where Dr. Glass is already at. There a giant showdown between The Beast and David and during that Glass dies. The beast and David die as well. The whole point to Dr.Glass’s plan. He showed the entire world that they exist that’s all he wanted to do. He made up a whole story where The Beast would climb this new building and show everyone his real they never realized his real intentions. There’s also this group of people who are trying to kill off the trio. They sent in a doctor to investigate is the 3 men real had powers.

     I  still liked the movie but it just was kinda confusing. It’s confusing because there where parts that just didn’t make sense. The main confusing part is why did they choose to put in this random society who are trying to get rid of all the superhumans. They have a clover as their symbol but they don’t do much. There just there. The spy they sent is just interrogated and annoyed the men.

     I gave this movie a B because its action but not adventure, it’s scary but not scary conjuring scary it’s kinda ugly scary.