Girl Scout Cookie Reviews,Thin Mints, Caramel Delites, Peanut Butter Patties and Lemonades

Karolena Rubio, Editor

Thin Mints: A

     Overall, Thin Mints I would describe as the, or so the kids say. I was very satisfied by this flavor because not only was it super chocolatey, but the inside had hint of mint. Not too much to overbear the chocolate, or just mint flavored.

     The chocolate melts in your mouth as it sits there, and the crunch of the cookie is very soft, not too crunchy. If you are a sucker for anything sweet, this is the way to go.

     Yes, this cookie is of the highest demand, and one of the most popular of all the cookie collection, but what can I say? Everything about it is great. I highly recommend spending $5 on a box of these.


Peanut Butter Patties: A

     These cookies are my absolute bomb! Words can’t express my enormous love for peanut butter in general, but in a cookie, it grows. All of the cookies are great, but these are a perfect mix of sweet and settle.

     They aren’t too sweet, and that’s what I love. You can never get enough of the gooey peanut butter inside, with the milk chocolate wrapped around the outside. For the people who don’t like the J in PB, this cookie is for you for sure. I am a peanut butter lover. I could eat anything if it has peanut butter. And along with chocolate and a little bit of crunch, I go crazy. Which is why this cookie is absolutely my number one favorite Girl Scout cookie.


Caramel Delites: C

     Caramel Delites have been around as classics, they are also very similar to Samoas. But Samoas are made by Little Brownie Bakers, but both of these cookies are hosted by Girl Scouts.

     It is pretty simple. If you do not like coconut or caramel, this cookie is not for you.

     I personally am not a caramel fan at all and I can tolerate coconut, but not as a mix. These are actually favored by most people who purchase them. This would be in the top two for most people I know. But due to the fact that these are very sweet, contain caramel and mainly covered all in coconut shavings, I cannot love them, but I can eat them if they are thrown in front of me. If I had to eat them because I was hungry or wanted something sweet, I would tolerate it.


Lemonades: F

     Sorry to say it. Lemonades are by far, the worst cookies ever brought into existence. And a lot of customers can agree with me. Lemonades are not for everyone and most people that I know.

     First of all, lemons in cookies. It is gross. The cookie feels fruity and sweet, which is not a great mix for me. Fruit flavored cookies will never be my thing. The cookie is kind of hard, and has a smooth lemon cream on the top of it, and I just have no desire to eat them. They are shortbread cookies, and I just feel like shortbread cookies should have chocolate. I do not personally enjoy how dull and lemon tasting they are. Lemon cookies were just never a good idea.