J. Cole’s ‘Middle Child’ Keeps fans Craving for More

Jonathan Nguyen, Reporter

     Over the years, rap has changed the music industry. In the past, it was hated on by many people, but over the years it has become more liked by people. Today, it is one of the most popular music genres and has influenced many artists around the world.

     Cole releases a song titled “Middle Child”, to start off the year strong. It has millions of copies sold worldwide and has become a fan favorite by many. “Middle Child” was released late January in 2019 and was written by J. Cole and produced by T-Minus.

     “Middle Child” starts off the sound of trumpets playing, which is a snippet from a song titled “Wake Up to Me” made by a group named First Choice. It is heard throughout the whole song and Cole starts to rap after a few seconds. He raps about how rap has changed over the years from the 90s to now. Cole explains how he’s stuck between both generations of rap and how he doesn’t know what to do. He then decides to adapt to the new rap culture and uses autotune for the rest of the song.

     Cole wrote this song as a story. It is well structured and many people love the unique beat that T-Minus made. It sounds very beautiful and doesn’t sound like the usual trap drums used in today’s rap. Cole is known for using beats that are produced from instruments and voices.

     While listening to the song for the first time, it sounded boring because it sounded different from his other songs. I was used to his old style of rapping and you have to listen to them to understand what I mean. As I listened to it more and more, it grew on me and I realized the meaning behind it. Cole’s lyricism is great because of what he raps about and is known for that. His lyrics range from talking about romance, his life, or modern day problems in society such as racism, government corruption and more. He doesn’t use many adlibs throughout his songs. “Middle Child” makes you feel “hype” and keeps you on your feet singing along.

     Cole has made another hit with this song and keeps people replaying this song. It will be a song remembered for years and many consider it a hit. I would recommend this song to anyone. A