Jake Paul Makes Your Eardrums Bleed in His New Song “I’m Single”

Zoe Vergara, Reporter

Grade: C-

     Pop songs these days all seem to blend together to become the same unoriginal tune about the same topic. Jake Paul’s newest song unfortunately fits into this as well.


     “I’m Single” was his 16th single available on Apple Music, Youtube, and Spotify under the record label 2019 Redemption Records. The artist wrote this song right after his breakup with YouTube star, Erika Costell. He first began his career in the music industry in 2017 with the release of his song “It’s Everyday, Bro.”


     Before Paul started his music career, he was well known on youtube for his company called Team 10, and all the vlogs and challenges they uploaded on their channels. He originally started his social media fame on Vine, back when he lived in Ohio.


     Unlike all of Paul’s previous songs, “I’m Single” covered a more serious topic that dealt with his emotions. The other songs he wrote were mainly jokes focused on teasing other people, mainly known as diss tracks. He stepped a little out of his comfort zone by creating a song about how he is coping with his heartbreak, contrasting from his normal, light-hearted songs.


     The topic of his song is his feelings right after his breakup and how he is coping with it. One of the only good things about this song is that he uses his lyrics to relate to the audience.


     All of his songs follow the same formula of slow singing, then rap, back into singing again. They all have one like that gets repeated over and over and over again. This is both a good and bad thing. It keeps the song stuck in people’s heads, but in addition to that, it also can get annoying in a short period of time.


     During the very beginning of the song, the beat is actually pleasing to hear and the lyrics are meaningful. But continuing into the song, a sharp, high-pitched, repetitive whistle noise plays in the background.


     His untalented singing voice, backed up with an annoying, repetitive beat, stabs with your ears everytime the high-pitched whistle tune comes up.

     The techniques he uses seem to backfire and make the song less bearable, instead of bringing the listener to want to play it again. However, the music video radiates a really cool and positive vibe.


     The video shows a variety of clips in different locations that always keeps the viewer interested in what is going on. There’s many colors and aesthetic clips that are appealing to the eye. The music however is repetitive and monotone, which makes the sound catchy, but annoying.


     It would make me reconsider watching the video, just on mute.


     Overall, Jake Paul’s song, “I’m Single,” reminded me of one of those breakups you go through where you pretend that you don’t really care about it, but it really beats you up on the inside. I would not recommend anyone to torture themselves by listening to his song. But, if you’re looking for something fun and interesting to watch, I would definitely recommend watching the video on youtube.