Luca Folag Sings His Feeling on “I Don’t Want To Lose You”

Amaiya Cantu, Reporter

Grade: B+

     The song “I Don’t Want to Lose You” by Luca Folag is song played on the piano telling of not wanting to lose someone close in their life and how it may affect them overall or as a person. It’s shows how he may be affected losing someone he wants to keep close.


     The melody and the mood of the song narrates his feelings.In the beginning, the song is calm and low. In the middle, the piano and his singing voice change to a higher pitch, anf this develops his feelings even more. At the end, it becomes low again and the song becomes quieter until it’s over.


     “I Don’t Want to Lose You”  shows appreciation for people close and how important they are in their life. The tone which is calm shows the whole meaning behind it which is the importance of people close.


     When Folag says “I don’t want to lose you now, or ever” it tells the roll of importance someone can have in someone else’s life. Showing how they really feel by the attitude of it. It may seem more like a sad song but the deeper meaning is about loved ones and what they can mean to someone.

     It’s reminds me of close friends and family members and how I always want to be close to them and always have them in my life because they mean so much to me and play a very important role in my life. They are affecting me as a human and how I am because what how long they’ve been in my life and how close they are to me.

     This song is positive because the melody and lyrics are a soft and low tone but it’s overall a good and beautiful song. The melody of the song is soft but it starts to change a little bit towards the ending when it says, “I can always feel it when your getting set to run, like your halfway through the chorus and you think the song is done but but baby take a minute or take a beer right from the fridge  So maybe we can try this time to make it past the bridge.” This shows how this song could of also been written as an apology and a way to tell someone how they feel about them because they don’t want to lose them since they are so important in their life.


     This singer played a piano in writing this maybe because it added a soft effect but also a more dramatic one throughout the middle of the song to give it that effect of showing what the song truly means and how affecting it is.

     A piano was a good instrument to play because it just went with the lyrics and the whole mood of the song, it just added a little more into it giving it a deeper meaning behind the lyrics and the song itself.

     I think this song deserves a B+ because the lyrics and song were good but also very quiet and low, it seems like a sad song but it has a deeper meaning behind it.