Offset Releases His First Solo Album

Jonathan Nguyen, Reporter

Grade: C-

     Rap is a genre loved by many people today. Over the years it has evolved and sounds more and more different as time goes by. Most of the new rap made today is known as “mumble rap” by “old heads” or people who prefers old rap and lyrics over the sound of the song.

     No one has pioneered the mumble rap genre like the rap group Migos. Offset, a member of Migos, has just released his new solo album titled Father of Four on the 22nd of February this year. It features many artists and has achieved the #2 album spot on iTunes’ music charts.

     Offset starts the album off with talking about the four kids he is a father to in “Father of 4”. He talks about how he wasn’t present for the life of his first two kids and then talks about how he was present for the life of his 3rd and 4th child. The names of his children are Kalea, Jordan, Kody, and Kulture.

     As you listen to the album more, Offset starts to talk about his life after fame in “Legacy”. He talks about how people have changed on him and how he can’t trust anyone anymore. He also talks about how people will do anything to get fame or “clout” off him in his song z“Clout”.

     Over the course of the album, I would often get bored and fall asleep. The song sounds like “mainstream rap that just doesn’t give the emotional feeling you get when you want to bop your head to some tunes . It’s just full of the usual trap and deep bass drums. Most of the songs also sound too similar and there isn’t much variety between each track.

     After listening to “Father of Four”, I was let down by how it sounded. I think it could’ve been something better if it was more unique and had songs that sounded different from each other in their own way. I would recommend this album to whoever wants to listen to a “chill” vibe. C-