The New Netflix Series all Teens are talking about, YOU’ll be talking About

AnnaMaria Corona, Editor

Grade: B

     All teens hope and wish for is a decent series on Netflix that they can binge watch with ten to twelve episodes containing fifty minutes of jaw dropping content.

     If this show can get my middle age parents to not only watch all ten episodes in two days and talk about continuously then it will definitely keep you more than satisfied.  

     Joe (Penn Badgley) is the stalker book store manager who never had a mom role model in his life and was raised by Mr. Mooney, the owner of the bookstore he works at. You want Joe to play the romantic hero that saves the damsel in distress–and so does he–but he can never get it quite right with his jealousy and trust issues.

     One day a tall blonde, Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail), walks into Joe’s store. After Joe gets a taste of Beck’s lifestyle and takes it too far. He forces his way in to her life making him the stalker guy to stalker boyfriend. Joe hides behind a mask of lies and he finally takes off but not on his own choice. Any complication that gets between the couple he eliminates even if it means murder.

     I gave this series an overall B because even though it keeps you on your toes and your butt at the edge of your seat, it does come off as impracticable and quite frankly really creepy. Believe me when I say, he will do anything to have her all to himself. Joe is worse than an overprotective mom because he keeps denying the fact that he is crazy in the head.

     We’ve all had a great cinematic film on our televisions once in our life time that is ruined by the ending. That’s what your getting from You. Joe works so hard to get the girl while playing the protagonist and antagonist but gets so wrapped up in his own fantasy living happily ever after with Beck that he affects his relationship with her.

     I understand that fiction is made up, but with a series with real people in a real city entertaining real audience you’d think they’d make it a bit more realistic. There are a few moments in multiple episodes where you think to yourself, “oh c’mon, that would never happen.” If you like the Dateline NBC creepy boyfriends then this is definitely the show for you.

     On the other hand, because there was not one moment where my eyes were not glued to the screen. Teens often discontinue watching a series because they get distracted on just about everything because of the content they are watching is boring, but not You. Every series has a cliffhanger at the end of the series to keep the audience watching but You, has cliff hangers in almost every episode. I felt so attached to this series so much that when characters fed other’s lies and betrayal that even I was hurt and shocked. The series is expected to release a season two sometime in the year of 2019.