Drug Dog Pays a Visit to River City

Manreet Virk and Saba Khan

On October 12, two inspectors, along with a canine detector dog, came in to demonstrate a drug inspection to the leadership class. The inspection will make the school campus a better and safer place for students and teachers.
River City High School will be having a dog come into random classes to sniff backpacks and check for drugs. The dog is a Yellow Labrador named Miley and she will be turning 4 next week. Miley belongs to the Interquest Detection Canines.
The Yellow Labrador is familiar in recognizing different odors. It has been trained to detect illegal drugs, medication, alcoholic beverages, and gunpowder. Miley can smell up to 250 different medications.
“Miley was trained for 6 months and has been working for about three years. Every dog is a little different, you know, just like people,” said Vice President of Interquest Detection Canines, Meg Bogue.
The dog is given a toy when she recognizes one of the odors. Miley has to be certified every year, and is put to trial, to see if she still has the ability to recognize different odors.
“We take her to sniff bookshelves in libraries, cars in the parking lot, but she never sniffs people,” said Terry Bogue, a member of the Interquest Detection Canine.
If Miley sniffs a backpack and she smells an odor resembling a drug or medication, the backpack will be identified by a student and taken to the office. In the office, an administrator will be present and the backpack and pockets will be searched for any illegal drug, medication, or alcoholic beverage.
“My parents smoke cigarettes, so if the dog sniffs my backpack, the inspectors will be alert and I’ll get caught and that’s messed up. But, the drug problem’s pretty bad at this school anyway, so I think it’s a good idea to have the dog come in,” says Senior Jake Collins.

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