Key Club


Key club is in motion for their weekly meeting held in history teacher, Restivo’s room.

Farina Khalil, Editor

Key club was founded in 1925, one of the oldest programs for high school students. The club was started by Albert C Olney and Frank Vincent who joined together to create the first key club at Sacramento High School. Key Club is a student led organization that encourages leadership, friendship, and togetherness.
“It’s a student run organization, so it helps build confidence and bonds within the club,” says senior Key club president, Jacob Aguilar.
River City High School first started Key club in 2011. This is the biggest year for them because they’ve gained 3 times as many members as last year. They are at approximately 60 registered members and still growing.
“Key club is really fun because the students in there are comfortable with each other and it feels like a family,” says senior secretary Anna DeGuzman.
The club has raised enough money in order to attend certain events. All key clubs in the northern California area are holding a fall spirit rally in the Six Flags amusement park located in Vallejo, CA. The whole amusement park will be closed off to the public for private enjoyment.
“Key club is different because our meetings always end off really energetic. We’re practicing our chants at the end because we have a fall rally next week, all the key clubs are going to be going to six flags which is cool because it’ll raise money and it’s fun,” says Senior vice president Jeanelle Maranan.
Key club holds meetings every Wednesday, and you can join at any time, all you have to do is pay your $11 admission fee.