Writing as an Art Form


Saba Khan

River City students practice Chinese calligraphy during the recent presentation.

Saba Khan, Editor

Internationally recognized Chinese calligrapher visited River City high school’s Mandarin class on Friday to give background about the ancient art and to encourage students to create a piece of writing.
Jialiang Gao, also known as Alex Gao is the second Chinese calligrapher in the “Top Five Hundred Chinese Calligraphers” according to a his biography he presented to the class. He started learning calligraphy at the age of 5, he is skilled at writing Kaishu, Lishu, and Zhuanshu in Chinese calligraphy.
Gao participated in many national and international painting competitions and art exhibitions. His artwork and achievements were published in Chinese newspapers several times.
Jing Ren, the River City teacher of the Mandarin Chinese language class, had invited Alex Gao to do a presentation for her 1st period class. The students were working together in small groups and trying out the different ways of writing the word, “Luck”.
Gao talked about how calligraphy can be beneficial to our everyday lives. It is China’s most traditional art form and it is also claimed to have a positive effect on our physical and mental health.
RCHS Sophomore Hana Cabreros said, “It was really complicated but relaxing at the same time.”