From a Clarinetist to an Orthodontist


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Faisal Khan, Editor

Music and band is a big part of River City High School, with the amount of classes, from choir to band, and the fact that there is a River City band called The Syncopated Sea Monkeys. There are many talented musicians here at River City and Sophomore Lilian Mouhasseb is one of them that plays three instruments.
Mou (short for Mouhasseb) can play the clarinet, ukulele, and the saxophone. She has played instruments all her life, but in sixth grade, she decided to stick to the clarinet because she was in her school band. She still plays the ukulele and the saxophone as a hobby.
Mou is in the River City school band and enjoys it a lot. She plays the clarinet and loves to play the songs the teacher gives the class. Her favorite part of band was performing at the football games.
Sophomore Amy Khan, the best friend of Mou, is very supportive of her friend, “She is super talented and is a great addition to the band. She is the nicest person you would ever meet as well. She is amazing.”
The reason Mou does her best is because she has the support of her family. Her parents always supported her by giving her private music lessons to make her become better and they have always went to the band’s concerts.
Lilian Mou’s father, Pierre Mouhasseb, says, “I am super proud of her…she is super talented…she is our (his and Mou’s mother) pride and joy.”
Even though Mou loved to play instruments and make music, she has other aspirations in life. When she grows up she wants to become an Orthodontist, a dentist who focuses on making crocked teeth become straight and straighten misaligned jaws. She still will play music because that will always be in her blood, she states.
For any up and coming musicians, Mou has great advice to them, “If you become a musician, your parents will be proud of you. You’d be their pride and joy like what I am to my parents. I have faith in all of you…just practice and you’ll get better and do great.”