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RCHS Back to School Night

Jescherie Pascua Arela, Writer

This week RCHS had its winter spirit week and on Wednesday night it was their Back to School Night which allows teachers to meet with their students and their parents, it started at 5:30 and ends at 7:30. There was also a senior seminar that took place in the H commons.

The evening started with a performance from the RCHS Jazz band, they played a lot of songs like old jazz where it entertained a lot of parents and students.

Freshman Liliana Florez went to the event with her parents and said, “This is my second time coming to RCHS back to school night and it’s been great introducing my parents to my new teachers and watching the school’s band.”

There were also clubs with tables set up in the quad to sell cupcakes, cookies, hot chocolate, soda, chips, candy and even burritos. Some of the clubs invited the students to sign up to join their club and sports like Rugby, Tennis and Volleyball for fall, for next year’s team.

The school staff around the campus went to try some of the food too even the school’s principal Stan Mojsich was seen eating a slice of pizza.

“My favorite thing about going to Back to School Night is going to my classes with my parents and sitting with them where I am supposed to sit during the day,” said Liliana Florez.

Caroline Hansen, an English teacher said, “I think coming here at Back to School Night is really good but sometimes for me it’s a little bit disappointing as an ELD teacher and an ESL teacher because not even half of my period 3 class came but it’s good because sometimes I get to hear things I don’t know about my students.”

Teachers discuss with parents and students about how or what their class is about and they also tell the students’ parents what will be their expectations in their class and how they grade assignments.

“I always talk about Service Learning because this is an English class because a lot of students don’t tell their parents,” said Ms. Hansen.

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