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Top 5 Netflix shows of 2016

Trhemson Desean-Concepcion, Reporter

           You just got home and you want to relax, or you have a sweetheart that you want to impress, or forget, don’t watch the last one if this is the case. Either way you’re on Netflix and you have no idea what to watch and you don’t want to invest your valuable time into a TV show and be disappointed. Now you’re searching on Google, maybe Bing and possibly but unlikely AOL for the top shows to watch in 2016 and by some act of higher power or fate you’ve lucked onto this page. Hopefully by the time the next season has come out for most of these. Either way lady luck has shined her smile your way and you’ve landed on this article that is dedicated to the top 5 Netflix shows that will fulfill you needs. You’re welcome.Just kidding. I’ll try not to be to colloquial throughout the page but sit back and enjoy as I tell you my honest opinion about the top 5 Netflix shows to watch  in 2016.


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