Administration Stress

Many people can say that March 5th is a day that no one would like to remember. Although it was verified as a precautionary lockdown some were still fearing for their lives because of the Parkland, Florida school shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School. No one would ever think that they could be in danger at their local schools that they attend every day.

Being in the front office and hearing that “we are going into a lockdown due to a threat” is scary. Not only do the staff have to be adults, but they have to care for other children and they have to do their job to do at the same time.

Based on what the staff in the office said they did same procedure the students all did in the classrooms, shut the blinds, locked doors, got under their desks and remained quiet. Once the lockdown was officially termed as “Precautionary.” That is where the office came into full affect dealing with parents on the phones and getting the kids evacuated as soon as possible. Staff in the office were given a script of what to say and what not to say to the scared and curious parents.

Mr. Mojsich described the office space as hectic at first due to the numerous calls filled with questions but once they were told what to say and have done it many many times they got the hang of it. It was a lot to handle at first and hard to wrap their head around but they got their job done.

Nobody is perfect especially at their job, but adding on with the pressure of a lockdown to prepare for is almost mission impossible. The staff in the office didn’t get to leave home until 4:00pm. Yes, they had to stay that long even though the students got early dismissal.

“People have to learn that when they constantly ask for the play by play it stops me from helping” confessed Mojsich.

Kids and parents complained hard and long about how long it took to get out of the classrooms but little do they know a group that contained police officers, a few district office staff, and Mr. Mojsich came up with that evacuation plan on the spot.

“I wasn’t trained to evacuate you guys. I was only taught the basics not beyond that,” added Mr. Mojsich

Still there are many questions unanswered so thats why Mr. Mojsich would like to schedule more student forums to get their input not just about the lockdown but for everyday life at high school.  

The most common question asked, “why was the history building the only building to be evacuated to the gym?” Mr. Mojsich explained that the reason of that was because the person who left the voicemail had mentioned that building. Just to be safe and not take any risk at such a fragile time I wanted to get them out of there as soon as he and the police officers could. He didn’t say that right there and then to parents and kids because he didn’t want to scare or freak out the kids anymore than they were already feeling.

Almost all of the staff in the office have children(s) but only one has a daughter that goes to River City, and that’s Jamie Luna, the schools secretary. This is Mrs. luna’s first year at River city and so is her daughter’s, Hailey Luna. Mrs. luna feared for both her and her daughter but she had to put that aside because she knew she was given a task and had to complete it.

Mrs. Luna first heard the intercom she wanted to race over to her daughters classroom, get her then leave.

“My first thought was ‘Oh my God my daughter’, but I had a job to do,” explained Mrs. Luna when asked what her first thought was when she heard about the lockdown over the intercom.

Not many can relate to motherhood or relate to a lockdown and both of those should not share the same sentence. None of your loved ones or yourself should ever be in or go through a situation like the one students had to go through on March 5th or in Florida.