Drafting Greatness

Drafting Greatness

Beau Wetter, Writer

The NFL draft has finally started. The draft is one of the most exciting times for an eligible college player to hopefully become a star in the NFL. The draft takes place over three days separating them by rounds.

“I am really excited to see how all these rookies will impact their team and hopefully make some big plays. I am really hoping Jameis Winston can do great things and win rookie of the year,” said freshman David Sevilla.

The first overall pick was the quarterback out of Florida State, “Famous Jameis” also known as Jameis Winston. Almost every single NFL fan saw that one coming, it was no surprise at all. The first round is in the books and many shocking picks are done.

“I am really excited the Oakland Raiders could pick up a talented receiver to throw the ball to. I hope Marcus Mariota can put up big numbers as a rookie,” said freshman Nick Braden.