The Powder Puff Girls

Caitlynn Hill, Writer

The fourth annual River City Powder Puff took place May 15th, on the football field. The teams were made up by female athletes playing flag football. The game was fun and competitive played by the Pink and Black team.

Power Puff is an event where the roles change at a usual football game. Girls from different grade levels at RC are able to play flag football on the field, while the boys are cheering them on.

The first half ended with a score of 0-0. During the second half the Pink team began to dominate the game, with touchdowns scored by junior Jaylin Crim, and also the help with junior Taylor Jackie’s on offense with her amazing passes, and great runs.  The game ended with a difficult win from the pink team. The Pink team left the football field with the score 30-0.

Jaylin said, “It was a great game that ended with a hard fought win.”

This win was extremely hard due to the great defense from the Black Team, which they held for the first half, but slowly began to lose during the second half.