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Academic Touchdown for Gabe Baker

River City High School Senior Gabe Baker stands proudly with his RCHS football coaches.

River City High School Senior Gabe Baker stands proudly with his RCHS football coaches.

River City High School Senior Gabe Baker stands proudly with his RCHS football coaches.

Jamesha Williams and Aleia Haith

On May 5th, River City High School Senior Gabriel Baker received a full football scholarship to Lawrence University in Wisconsin in which he will strive to achieve his academic and football goals.

Baker was recruited by four schools specifically for football: Lawrence University, Willamette University, George Fox University, and The University of Redlands.

“Out of the four total schools that were recruiting for, football is what made my personal decision to attend Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin.” Baker said.

Baker is an “All-American”, West Sacramento born and bred athlete. Baker said that he has a lot of pride for his hometown as well as high school.

“Moving from California to Wisconsin will be quite the journey for me as I will be far away from home, friends, and family.” Baker said, “I do not hold fear when I think about how far away I will be. I see it as an adventure for me and am excited to be in such a supportive environment that will mind into a home.”

Baker has been playing football since he was young. Baker’s high school football career accomplished four Captain Titles, 2014 Most Valuable Player Award, and 2016 TCC 1st Team All-League Award.

He also did Track and Field Shot-Put for four years receiving 2014 MVP, four Field Captain Titles, and three Captain Titles for basketball in 2013-14 and 2016.

Not only is Baker athletic, but he is very academically smart, ranking 15th out of his whole 2016 class. He has a cumulative GPA of 4.18, has been involved in the National Junior Society for 3 years (2009-2012), and National Honors society for 2 years (2015-2016). Also being a participant of Avid for 5 years and other things such as Link Crew and Leadership.

“My work ethic between academics and athletics are near equals. If there is ever a conflict between the two then academics takes priority, as I am a student-athlete. Student always comes before athlete.” Baker said.

His father, Chris Baker, is the current football coach for River City High School and has been coaching in the area for over 30 years.

“When I was a young boy my father taught me to work hard, be of pristine character, and have a commitment to excellence.” Baker said about his father’s influence on his life, “Without football and most importantly my father, I would have never achieved the titles and accolades I possess currently. My father inspires me to pursue my dreams and passions despite the adversity I may face on my journey to becoming a man.”

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About the Writer
Aleia Haith, Writer

My name’s Aleia Haith, who’s a striving comic book writer, tennis player and senior at River City High School. I’ve written multiple comic books, but none of them are publish worthy at the moment. I joined Journalism, so I could be a better writer and also draw comic strips for River City. I mostly play video games and tennis all day, but making comic books is still one of my life goals.
Personality wise, I’m a quiet person, unless I’m talking, in turn I’m incredibly loud, which sort of makes my life awkward-like this sentence structure! If I’m not talking I’m probably day-dreaming and thinking of new comics to write. I’m a shy teen, but once you get to know me I’m loud and sort of proud about it.
I’m always up for discovering news because I think knowing what’s going on in the world is awesome.

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