Student of the Game

The Life as a Football Player

Cruz Charles, Reporter

     Todd Stolz is a JV football player at River City High School. Playing for two years, he has developed as an athlete, as well as a student.

     Football is a sport Stolz enjoys playing. He has dreams of playing fullback, similar to a halfback, but bigger, stronger, and slower. His favorite position to play is defensive end, like his favorite player Khalil Mack.

     Living in West Sacramento for most of his life, he has been to two schools, Southport Elementary and River City High School. Knowing the same people for years has brought great friendships.

     Thadeus Leaks is a good friend of Stolz, and they’ve known each other for 6 years. They met at baseball practice for their little league and have been good friends ever since.

     Leaks commented, “He is more caring than he looks, and is always looking to put a smile on any and everyone’s face.”  

     Leaks believes that Stolz can start on varsity next year and defensive end as a junior.

     Though liked by most, Stolz does not consider himself popular as he claimed, “I am just an Average Joe.”

     He is constantly putting work in to improve physically and mentally.

     Peter Goritz, his football coach believes that Stolz is mentally prepared for varsity. Describing Stolz in two words he chose “joker and kind”.

     Goritz said “Stolz brings humor to the team and is a hard worker on the field. The main skill Stolz contributes to his team is playing defensive end because he does his job at restting the line very well, at least that is what Goritz thinks.

     Other than being a fan of the River City Raiders, Stolz admires the Oakland Raiders.

     Wearing Oakland Raider gear, Stolz claims that he likes the team because he’s been watching them since he was little and is proud to be a Raiders fan.

     Stolz did not know what he wanted to do after high school until he realized he wanted to be a physical therapist. He wants to be a physical therapist because he wants to help people continue their dream of being athletes.

     “Nothing beats the competition on that field every friday.” said Stolz. Like said before, he is great football player and the fact he has only played for two years is even more impressive. He does his job really well for a 2nd year player.

     He is very driven and determined.

     Stolz is a person who grabs what he wants. He is aggressive but knows that there is a time and a place for everything. Most of the time in second period PE Stolz pops out and everytime he does he just shrugs his shoulders and says “Oh well”, but when he misses a chance to tackle someone or get a sack you can see the fire in his eyes start up and he turns into the “TODDFATHER”.  He gets a drive like never seen before and that is because football is something he is passionate about and something he has a future in.