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Ariel Centurino, originally belonging to the Sierra Foothills Rugby Club, is excited to play and be apart of River City’s first girl’s rugby team. She is a team leader who usually runs the drills, exercises and tells her teammates “confidence is key to play a good game, and don’t be afraid to get those tackles.” With the teams combined now, they are called RC Foothills.

Karolena Rubio, Reporter

        The River City High School Rugby Club was started in 2014 by Coach Catherine Forman, a very well known rugger and English teacher here at RCHS. The club sport was originally established with only a boys team, but then after two years Coach Forman was able to have a girls team join the club and the rest is history.

        Currently the girl’s rugby team consists of sixteen players, due to the combination of Sierra Foothills ruggers, who joined the RCHS girls so both girls club had enough to make the roster. Although River City girls had barely enough, Sierra Foothills girls did not. But the lady Raiders understood and enjoyed the idea of the collaboration because the team has been stronger and working better together ever since.

          Now calling themselves RC Foothills with a record of 1-2, the girls practice Tuesdays and Thursdays here at the River City campus with weekly saturday matches. Most of the girls on the RC Foothills team are nearly the best of friends and even hang out off the field. The majority of the team are new to playing rugby, so everyone has gotten along and found something in common.  Although some of the Sierra Foothills girls have actually grown up playing rugby.

      “I was forced to play rugby when I was younger because almost everyone in my family played. Then after six great years, I fell in love with the sport” says Annie Mokofisi who plays flank and 8 man. Annie’s father Tony Mokofisi, is also the second head coach of the RC Foothills team. But most of the River City girls are pretty new to the sport as a whole.

         Ashley Potts, who was recruited to team manager after an ACL injury says “ I saw flyers about it at the end of my sophomore year, so I came out to summer conditioning to learn more and I did learn a lot, After that, I registered and continued going to practices and it was so much fun and became my favorite sport.” Even though she isn’t able to play she has continued to be involved with the team, as she has grown a bond with her teammates and coaches.

           Coach Forman has bonded with the girls over the past six months since the team was established, and says “I started the girls team because there was a lot of interest, so the girls made it happen.”

         Julia Smith was the first girl rugger to be recruited in the club and even played for the boys team before there was a girls team says “I am homeschooled and live not far from River City. I was interested in rugby for a long time and heard about the rugby club and joined for the boys. Although I was only allowed to play two games and practice on a daily basis, I tried to make a girls team. I don’t even go to your guy’s school and I was at open houses, back to school nights and events trying to recruit girl, and we were finally able to have a girls team.”

               Although the girls team’s fan base has just started to grow, that has pushed the girls to work hard and just have fun doing what they love with supportive team mates and coaches to guide them through the season. This is your River City Girl’s Rugby Team. Go Raiders!

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