CEO’S of Softball

To some, softball is a game; to others it’s life

The couple takes off their sunglasses and puts on a smile after a successful practice before game day.

Before the big game begins Kim Ceo is in the dugout making the next line up trying to remember who worked the hardest for the previous week of practices. Who should play where and where on the line up they should be batting is most likely the biggest struggle for coaches.

Over on the dirt is Brad Ceo,  hitting grounders and pop fly’s to the infield and outfield to make sure they stay warm and prepared to compete the next game. While Carl Corsi, RC’s assistant softball coach is on the side helping the girls with their mechanics. It’s getting dark and the field lights come on as RC softball team runs out to the field to start the first inning off.  

At River City High School there are only two people that dominate and know the game of softball. This game of softball doesn’t get much attention as it is but with new coaches Brad and Kim Ceo will bring the team to new heights.

Brad and Kim have been together for about 30 years from when they first met at a high school football game. He swept her of her feet, going old school, giving her his jacket as she got cold throughout the night.

“He was like; can I get your number?’ and it got chilly that night so he gave me his sweatshirt,” said Kim as she was explains her love story.

Both Brad and Kim growing up played softball and baseball and so did their parents. Like the family tree the game of softball goes down to the roots of this family.

“My mom played Fastpitch, she played when catchers wore jeans she had no shin guards only a chest protector and a mask,” said Kim Ceo.

The Ceos had four daughters that were all involved in softball. Brad and Kim taught all the girls growing up and when the were about teeenagers the parent coaches had to let them go so they can improve on their own game. Till this day three out of four daughters still play and coach softball. Sometimes their daughters will come out for RCHS softball practice to help and advance their skills of the game.

RCHS softball team has a good chance of going all the way to championship game this season. RCHS softball has not had the best of luck when it comes to motivation but with the Ceo’s the team is more amped and excited than ever. The softball team has made it far in playoffs before but this year with Brad and Kim Ceo’s experience and knowledge of the game there is a high probability that the team will bring home the gold for RCHS.

The Ceo’s have shared many victories with many girls across California. They have made it very clear to the softball team that they will not waste their time with other’s who don’t want to put in hard work and sweat at the end of the day. The Ceo’s have established the fact that they do not like losing at all. They want to push the RCHS softball team to the very top of sacramento Bee’s softball rankings this year.

Coach Brad Ceo was a coach at Sierra college beginning of 2012 and after two years he helped the girls with scouting to other more advanced schools. Brad Ceo helped Sierra college with their first ever championship in 2012. When he was their he broke five home run records. These are the seasons stats, 478 hits, 78 home runs, and a softball player that he worked with had 28 home runs in that first season he coached. You can say that Brad Ceo is an overachiever but he is not doing it to make himself look good he wants the girls he teaches to get better day by day.

“You gotta know what these kids can do and then each week you raise their level,” said Coach Brad Ceo.

Brad Ceo also coached at Bear River High School for eight years along with Kim Ceo. Seven out of those eight years Bear River made it to playoffs. Six out of those eight years they won six championships. Before that Brad Ceo has been coaching ASA softball since 1988.

When asked if Brad and Kim Ceo are two different coaches Brad explained that in the relationship Kim is more of a kick-back kind of girl and him on the other hand is the crazy energetic one. “I’m more of a pump you up kinda guy you know the good cop, Kim is the bad cop,” said Brad Ceo.

Unfortunately Brad Ceo had to put his life on hold for four years because of a car accident that happened back in 1995. He had an injury in his neck causing him not able to walk for four years. After that, he picked his life back up from where he left off, he is now a professional bowler and also plays golf. Brad’s step father played for the A’s and Brad eventually wanted to play baseball.

When asked why coach for softball and not baseball? Brad replied with, “It’s way more fun to me and everything is more faster than baseball but then again I only have to run 60 feet to each bag instead of 90.”

If you couldn’t tell that Brad Ceo is a jokester at this point he likes to make people laugh and see their smiles but when it’s time to play ball he will switch personalities in a good way to help the team be serious about winning ball games. He is now a stay at home dad who teaches motocross for 25 years. He has been occupying softball, bowling golf and motor crossing for a very long time and plans on doing it in the future. He has been a hitting coach for softball on the side of all his jobs.

So far in the new season the raiders have won eight games, two losses, and one tie. “I am so excited and the season has barely started.” said Debbie McCann, a mom of a player currently playing on varsity softball. In addition of this bipolar weather in West Sacramento a lot of the games have been canceled and have been put off until the end of the season.

As kim Ceo stays in the dugout while RC is up to bat she encourages them to cheer on each other to score more runs. Then over at third base giving the batters signs to screw with the infield is Brad Ceo, he is always using his signature move with a little bend in the knees and both of his arms to his right side pointing up to the sky encouraging us to hit far away from the outfielders. Over at first base is coach Corsi who is always there to congratulate those who get on base successfully.

Although the team is still getting used to new coaches, Brad and Kim they are all learning how they act and respond to things. This is only their first year here at RC but with the wins and the bonding the coaches share with the players they are like bestfriends.

“We have fun and serious practices at the same time. I feel more connected with the girls this year because the coaches feel it is important to bond,” said Crystal Diaz, Senior and right fielder.

When asked, “What do you expect from your players?” Kim Ceo replied with,”I expect my players to put the team first, come out with a good attitude and give their best effort for the day.”

She then explained that we all have our good days and bad days but she believes that, that should be no excuse for anyone because once she sees some girls not giving effort not only are they wasting their own time, they are now wasting their coaches time. She always encourages her players and students to keep trying even through the struggle because if you are working on your game you’ll get better. She then said that it’s okay to fail and in life everyone fails but it depends on how you let it affect you after that matters.

“I definitely see a future of my team winning champions, if we stay together as a team and it’s going to take everyone to win,” said Kim ceo.

Kayla Lynch, Junior, center fielder, was up to bat in the last inning and the score was 0-0 if RC didn’t score that inning the game would’ve gone into over time. Lynch took her load shifting her weight to her back leg then whipped it all forward like a slingshot. Next thing you now the ball explodes off her DeMarini bat, the right fielder on Rio Linda’s softball team is sprinting back to the ball because it was so far over her head. Lynch is sprinting base to base as the dugout and the parents on the bleachers are screaming in joy. The right fielder got to the ball as Lynch is about to touch third base, the right fielder throws the ball over her team mates head on accident. Brad Ceo is shouting at Lynch to Go home as he was swinging his arms like a windmill in the direction of home plate. All the girls in the dugout run out to lynch jumping up and down congratulating her in excitement. The umpire calls ball game and both teams give each other high fives while saying good game.