What’s Next?

Yvonne Garcia, Reporter

Manav Sidher and his parents gather around the football field to take a picture on senior night.

High school gives you four years to not only grasp onto education, but it gives you opportunities to try out for sports, clubs, and any other out of school activities.
Many students will try out for a sport their freshman year and carry it out with them throughout the rest of school.
It is amazing how students can hold such a deep love and dedication to a sport.
Sports play a huge role in an athlete’s heart. They are dedicated and love what they do, but the most frequency question asked is: How is life after sports?
Senior Manav Sidher gave his first shot and decided to play football for his last year of high school.
Sidher played linebacker and was number 51 on the field. According to maxpreps.com his CA rank is 269, and his National rank is 3,5000. Although this was his first year playing football, had a huge impact on him. It gave him a chance to try something new and different.
“I played mostly to get the experience because I knew I would never have it again, and my friends also convinced me to play,” Sidher explains.
Sidher thinks football was out of his league but he is glad he gave it a shot because it benefited him in many ways and it was his last opportunity in high school.
“I never pictured myself playing football, but it definitely made me a lot more confident in myself and I was also able to make some good friendships from it, so that was pretty cool you could say,” he claims.
Sidher’s family and friends also very much thinks that football has helped him and made him different, in a good way.
“My brother was never really into football, but him playing has brought him out of his comfort zone and he’s more outgoing now,” his sister, Jasmine Sidher, had explained.
For an athlete it’s hard for them to stay on top of sports and school at the same time. Especially with having long practices and then going home and wanting to sleep.
“I never lacked in school while playing, I managed to keep up with my school work and keep my grades up,” Sidher said.
Even though football has to end sooner or later, because the season is over, there’s still the rest of the school year you must complete. Everyday you see the field you once played on and you walk past your old teammates and memories flood through your mind.
“Football was fun and the memories I will keep forever. Whenever I walk past a teammate it’s always fun and positive energy,” he explains.
Never being able to imagine yourself doing something different and then actually doing it is the best feelings you’ll ever have.
“Being on the field and actually having a feel of what it was like to play was amazing. I never imagined myself out there, ever. Also, hearing and seeing people cheer for me in the stands was motivation,” he explained.
Nothing is better than being involved in something and having support from the people you love the most, especially if it’s something new.
“Watching Manav playing always put a smile on my face. Being able to sit in the bleacher with my parents cheering him on was never a dull moment. He always tried and put all his effort into his games. He can be number fifty one on the field but he’ll always be number one in our hearts,” sister Jasmine said.
Sports can really have an impact on a person’s life. It can better them in many ways and it could even fill an empty hole in their life.
Football was a huge role change in Sidher’s life and he wishes he got more of the experience throughout high school.
“I do regret not playing all 4 years and I wish I was involved a lot more,” he explains.
Trying something new is not always easy, but once you give it a chance and you adapt it’s hard to let go.
“Football was a great experience and I’ll never regret it. I wish I would’ve tried out earlier in my high school time. It was amazing and I miss it already,” Sidher exclaims!
So much, but yet so little time to feel the full effect of your high school experience.
We attend high school only once and being able to be a student athlete it can bring many mixed emotions.
Many students often think what their life would be like once their season is over, or if they’ll continue to play even after graduating.
“Football was never my thing from the beginning, but I want to continue playing. I think as I go into college to start my new chapter in life I will continue to play. Not being on the field the last few months have been a little rough. Football was definitely my escape,” Sidher explains.
In less than 6 months Sidher will walk across the stage and graduate from River City High School. He will be ready to start a new chapter in his life, but what will be his next step?
“I will always encourage my brother to continue playing because I think it made him a much more happier person and I know if he continues to try harder he’ll become something great” Jasmine explains.
Graduation is a huge deal and a once in a lifetime experience, just like high school. After graduating adulthood comes more into check and it’s hard to figure out what you really plan to do with your life.
“Although football was planned to be a one time thing, I do plan to continue playing. I’m not sure exactly how serious i’ll take it as far as trying out for college, or just keeping it as a rec sport.         The way it had benefited me and how happy it made me I don’t want to throw away that feeling and it was never a dull time out there on the field,” Sidher explains.
Whether it is a club, a sport, or any other activity you decide to try for in high school, it will continue to follow you. It becomes a memory that will be hard to get rid of.
Dedication is one thing, but being able to grow love for what you do you is amazing.
Sidher decided that football was the greatest thing he had tried out for throughout his four years of high school. He will continue to play and set goals for himself to become a better football player than he already is.