Dedicated Baseball Player

Melanie Gonzalez, Reporter

It all started at the age of 12, Tyler Kim joined little league baseball. He played for Davis Little League; Marlins, DA’s, and the Doggers.

By the time Kim reached his high school years he attended Davis High School his freshman, sophomore, and some of junior year. While playing for DHS baseball team, Kim took a 86 mph fastball to the back of his head without a helmet and had a severe concussion to where they released him from the program.

From there, Kim seen some personal coaches and discussed about his future plans involving baseball. Kim’s goal was to excel into a higher level of baseball and in order to achieve that goal, he would have to continue playing baseball his junior and senior year.

He decided to transfer to River City high school three quarters into junior year to fulfill his goal. Kim automatically received priority enrollment, which lead to Kim starting high school at River City the next week because his mother works in the district.

Since then, Kim has been playing for the River City Raiders baseball team.

Kim’s mother, Valerie Kim enjoys watching her son and daughter play the sports they love.

The one thing Valerie has always disliked about her children participating in sports is the injuries.

They are always busy running from one sport to another keeping their schedule busy constantly. The Kims really have no down time as Kim and his sister continue to play sports, trying to develop their skills during and in off season.

It’s difficult for her to choose her greatest moment with Kim because there hasn’t been one really great moment, but rather a whole lot of moments where she is really proud of the person and player he is becoming.

Much of his growth is due to adversity and a drive to be better.

Looking back at the moments to where he could have quit or listened to others telling him he is not good enough. Instead, he just worked harder. For him, those are great moments.

Valerie’s expectations for Kim are to continue to learn and grow to be the best young man and player, both on and off the field he could be. She always has supported Kim and will continue to do so.

Unfortunately while playing for River City, Kim looked up at a given play and became blind for a few seconds from the lights and was struck in head by a baseball giving him another concussion his senior year. Kim took seven days off of sports and two days off of school to recover and go threw the necessary steps to get cleared by a doctor.

One of the main struggles a student athlete deals with is balancing out school academics and sports at the same time. Kim learned how to overcome his struggles by experiencing things and pushing through.

Kim is now team captain for River City’s baseball team which means he is responsible for leadership, responsibility, and organization.

He enjoys bonding with teammates and improving his skills.

Kim’s short terms goal is winning every game, pitch, staying focused, and executing every play. To accomplish his short term goals Kim works on improving his skills. He worksout three times a week on his own and hit with his friends and other coaches occasionally. Three to four times a week he hits on his own in a batting cage.

The position Kim plays is third base.

To Kim a successful season would be being able to compete everyday, staying healthy, to achieve his short and long term goals, and going out and giving it 110 percent on every game and every pitch.

Being an athlete Kim has learned how to balance out everything in his schedule like school and sports, overcome certain obstacles, adapt and learn new things in situations where you aren’t the most comfortable with and grow from it.

Kim’s future plans are to continue his education and baseball career at Ventura college in Southern California.

Kim’s motivation is having the opportunity to play both baseball and continuing his education at the higher level he worked for.