Coaches make a difference

Coach Mizner and his hard work with the school varsity soccer team

Sofia Wells, Reporter

     Being a coach takes a lot of responsibility, hard work, and determination. Coach Mizner is an example of a good coach. He has been a soccer coach in a total of 40 years, 6 years being at River City High School. He coaches boys varsity soccer and his players think he is a very good coach.

     “He is a really good soccer coach, and the team trusts him a lot.”, said varsity soccer player Nick Bhan (11).

     Coach Mizner is also a science teacher, and a club adviser of Upstream Bible Club.  When he was in high school, he also played for his school. Mizner had shared that he played a little bit of everything.

     “Teams I’ve coached won sections, had National Ranked teams, and at River City High School, varsity won league championships 2 years in a row. Also when players go bigger in their soccer career.,” Mizner said when  sharing his biggest achievements.

     When he coaches, his technique to improve his players during practice is to run practices as long as games are. He starts simple, then moves on to more difficulty. He then works on individual, to group, and team skill.

     Mizner said, “I feel my best/most successful as a coach when I see players improve and succeed, when they learn something in training and they use it successfully in a game.” Mizner gets frustrated when a kid has potential, and doesn’t show it.

     With Coach Mizner as a varsity coach, his players are mostly juniors and seniors. In sports, coaches and players develop a special bond all throughout the season. When departing because of graduating and going out into the world, it can be a sad time.

     “Especially when you have that connection, but you get happy because they are moving forward with their life.”

     He also shared that his players often feel like sons to him because he gets that emotional connection with them.


     For any new coaches, Coach Mizner suggests, “Put your kids first before yourself. And for players, support each other and if you make a commitment, stick to it.”