Helmets Found, Questions still Raised

AnnaMaria Corona , Editor

     Missing helmets appear after questions are asked. 

     A set of blue helmets that had disappeared from the River City Varsity Softball team’s equipment bin were mysteriously found after Athletic Director Jamie King had bought twelve new ones for varsity.

     “Last year we purchased eight new helmets for the softball program, eight blue helmets with a face mask on it,” said Mr. King.

     Since then, the helmets have not been seen since at least last May, after they were used for around six games.

     On Thursday March 14, coach Javier Martinez announced that the blue helmets were found in the varsity softball equipment bin.

     “I remember we got the helmets when Ceo’s were coaching but  when season started this year they weren’t anywhere to be found,” stated junior, Chloe Kitchens, athlete on the varsity softball team.

     The missing helmets reappeared amid questions being raised by softball community and Raider Voice reporters.

     Players and former coach Kim Ceo  had previously raised questions about how the Softball program was being funded. Records provided by Mr. King showed that money for the team came from four different accounts–team fundraising, Athletic Boosters, District funds, and the ASB. Money coming from the school is determined by how many players are on a particular team.

     Mrs. Ceo resigned from her coaching position after Mr. Mosijch fired her husband Brad Ceo, also on the varsity softball coaching staff.

     The found helmets have been passed down to the junior varsity team.