The First Ever River City Rumble

River City High School’s head football coach, Gabe ‘Big Ugly’ Jimenez, organizes a live pro wrestling event to support the school

Luz Camacho and Zoe Vergara

     For the first time in history on Saturday March 16, River City has held a professional wrestling fundraiser to raise money for the sports program.


     Gabe Jimenez, also known as Big Ugly and the coordinator of this fundraiser said, “This is the first event that’s a fundraiser, I used to run a wrestling company for 15 years but the first event I’ve done to raise money for a school.”


     Jimenez decided to do this fundraiser to raise money for River City and because he knew it would be a popular event that would bring a lot of positive press to the school.


     “I just noticed a lot of the teams and clubs weren’t making a lot of money. I just wanted to do my part to help out everybody by using something I do outside of work.”


     A lot of the wrestlers partaking in the event first started off wrestling with Jimenez. Some of them were even his students at the wrestling school he ran.


     “Most of them I’ve trained from the school I ran. A lot of them I just wrestled with many years on the circuit and they became friends of mine so they wanted to help out the cause.”


     The wrestlers were extremely excited to start the show and they showed their enthusiasm during practice.


     “I’m feeling good, I think it’s gonna be a pretty good show,” Patrick also known as Fitzpatrick, wrestler of 5 years, exclaimed.


     Many other wrestlers expressed their happiness and joy because of this fundraiser as well. It is heartwarming to see all these big, tough guys talk about how thrilled they were to be apart of this experience.


     Alexander Gomez, also known as DianteColt said, “I feel great. I’m pumped the show’s about to start in a couple of hours.”


     After finding out about what the wrestling event was for, a lot of the wrestlers jumped at the opportunity to help out River City.


     “I found out by Big Ugly, Gabe Jimenez, the guy putting on the show contacted me to be part of the show,” Fitzpatrick explained. “I think it’s a good thing, big fundraiser for the school. I think it’s a real good thing we’re doing here tonight.”


     Other wrestlers shared their willingness to help one of their friends out to raise money for the sport program.


     Wrestler Jeremy Blanchard said, “My brother is the head football coach here and so I found out that they were doing a fundraiser for all the sports here at River City and I jumped at the chance to help both. I think it’s a fantastic thing. I think anytime you bring the community together and obviously give support and give money to sports programs that is so dower for kids is an awesome thing.”


     Overall, the event was filled with energy from people in the crowds cheering on the wrestlers and yelling from the sidelines. This fundraiser brought the community together to have a good time and raise money for our school.


     “My favorite part was when Coach Ugly came out for the main event. There were a lot of fights that led up to him, so it was fun to watch him finish the event,” audience member, Asa Grigsby, 9, shared.