2019-2020 Cheer Season Beginnings

As tryouts begin, many students prepare for what the season has waiting for them

Ashlyn Breen, Reporter

River City High School’s cheer season has come to an end, but tryouts for the following season’s team have already begun. The students vary from many incoming Freshman to returning cheerleaders from previous seasons.

Many cheerleaders playing from previous years must try out again. There will be many new faces on the team and some from previous year.

Maiken Falkenburg, Freshman, is going on her second year of cheerleading at river city high school she shares her experience,

“So far there haven’t been any struggles trying out besides minor injuries every once in a while… I have had a few injuries during my time cheering at River City but it’s nothing that wouldn’t make me continue.”

During tryouts students were rushing between the F commons room and the Cafeteria to go and practice their dances and finish getting ready to try out.

     A few adults and coaches were starting to set up the F commons room by rolling out the mats.

     Students gathered with each other while stretching and walking around and were looking very tired still from how early tryouts were.

     The whole goal of cheerleading is to uphold river city pride and support athletes, meaning be there at as many athletic events and games  as possible, it gives a positive and game day atmosphere.

     Some cheerleaders may want to continue all four years as a goal, they enjoy making memories and friends along the way. It’s a great experience for them to have and a way of making friends along the way, they end up getting very close.

     In cheerleading there are lots of stunts and dances, some consequences include injuries, making students unable to play.

     For Falkenburg, the experience was very fun for her as she got closer to the team and was able to surround herself in a healthy and fun environment.

     Its shows the amount of passion and pride of being a cheerleader, showing up to every game and having several performances every time. It takes a lot of work practicing the dances and leaving and getting ready in time.

     “My high school experience was most definitely impacted by the cheer season and the team.” Falkenburg concluded.