An Open Shot

Antwan Anderson, Writer

     Tjay Lowery, the main talk when speaking of basketball at River City This kid who not only can hang with the big boys of the team but who overshadows some of them.

     Lowery is a 9th grade prodigy known for his excellent shooting from anywhere on the floor, getting to the basket with ease no matter who’s in front of him.

     When he’s on the court, he’s known as “shark bait” because he is the youngest and smallest

     Him being brought up to varsity is already a huge accomplishment and statement to what other people see him as. He has put in endless amounts of hard work to earn a starting spot. To be almost two or three years younger than everybody on the varsity team shows how many hours he has put in to be caught up to the best level there is.  

     Him being on varsity gives him the advantage of being seen by colleges that come to see his older teammates play.

     Keith Cole, a senior at River City and teammate of Lowery said, “He’s way more advanced than any other player I’ve seen at his age.”

      To be able to have the mental strength to not quit on the play and push yourself past your limits is something that he does consistently.

     Lowery said,“I push my limits in practice and games everyday so that my teammates can count on me…”

     Lowery is not afraid of a little criticism which makes him the player he is today, to him it’s a compliment because he wants to know his weaknesses so he can improve.

     Lowery explained his game mentality to be,“focused on what I can do to ensure that my teammates can trust me and not worry about mistakes…”

     He feels that him being on varsity will not be the only challenge, but also elevate his game which will put him even farther ahead of people at his age.

     No one thought he would be starting,not even himself, now he can show people how much potential he really has.   

     “I try my best everyday no matter what it is, I never want my team to be mad at the way I played.”said Lowery

     Hard work, dedication, leadership, these things are what makes Lowery the player he is now. There is always room for improvement, and he will continue to get better if he puts in those extra hours.   

     His career as a basketball player and whether he chooses to dig deeper could possibly end up with him being a professional. If he continues to get better and has the same drive he has now he can compare himself to basketball legends.  

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