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Hailee Strom

Hailee Strom, Writer

My name is Hailee Strom, I don’t know who I am really and I’m still discovering that. However people say that I’m friendly and a good friend. People always feel comfortable talking to me. I don’t judge I listen and offer my thoughts on what they’re expressing. I don’t talk a lot but when I do it’s me. Looking at the world through my eyes is very real. I see what’s really there, not the fake illusions the world tries to paint with. I hope to be the change this world could use. I am up late at night with a swirling pool of thoughts about the world and life.

I am very passionate about our military and believe they should be held in the highest respects. One of my pet peeves is that an actor/entertainer or athlete makes more than men and women risking their lives for our freedom. One day I would love to find a way to show them my appreciation and respect.

When I was a little girl my mom asked what I wanted to be when I grow up and I said an ice cream girl. I wanted to make people smile as my job and ice cream does that. Then as I got a little older she asked again and my response was a little different but still the same. I told her I wanted to be a veterinarian. I love animals and elderly people. My plan was to offer services to elderly people for cheap because they don’t have jobs. Also I wanted to give them stray animals that needed homes for free so that it would make them happy and they would live longer.

Currently I would like to go to Langston University. I want to go there because of a project I did in 8th grade. It matched me with a college based on the qualities I was looking for. I wanted a good law program in a rural area somewhere new. Oklahoma is pretty far away but the cost of living is better there than here. I want to study law there so that I can become a criminal profiler. I am able to see others point of view easily so I’d like to use that to bring justice to the world.   After college I would like to work in Oklahoma in law enforcement. I will already be settled there from my years in college so I can help my community.

So I am still discovering who I am but I hope this gives you a peek at me and who I want to become.

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