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Manreet Virk

Manreet Virk, Editor

Hey guys, this is Manreet and this is my 3rd year in Journalism. I believe that life is about doing what you love, along with people you wouldn’t live without. Life is freedom and it’s a gateway to endless opportunities. When we were created, we were like a blank canvas. Life is the paint that we use to mark that canvas. We choose the colors, the type of brush, we choose what our painting will look like. That canvas will be the reflection of our soul. After all, in the end, the paint will run out, but our legacy will live on. Moving on, I’m so inspired by J Cole because he talks about the realest things such as racism and inequality and I also love his music. I dream of helping people around the world by building shelters for the homeless. Now, you all know a little more about me and I hope I can inspire some of you guys to step up and be who you are. “Live a little. You’ll never be as young as you are right now.”

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