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Farina Khalil
3rd year in journalism, inzayn. Hey guys it’s your very own, Farina. If you’re here then great I guess you want to know all about me. I’m still learning actually but I’d love to take you through the journey. First, I was born into a world where I didn’t get to choose my beliefs, none of us really did. As we grow up we start learning more and more about ourselves, you’d think we’d know everything but the inside is a true mystery. So far I know that I’m very passionate of what I believe, I’m very optimistic and I love to make the best out of everything I do. I was born in Fairfield and for the longest time I called it the bay area, don’t judge I know they’re far off, I thought I was cool. If you’ve been reading the whole staff series then you probably know I’m into the eighties and nineties and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of that. I’m excited for the 2020’s though, especially the fashion, who knows what to expect. Fashion is a big part of life, actually part of everybody’s life, it expresses you in a way words can’t. I’m actually trying to start my own fashion line since I recently learned how to sew and I’ve seeing so many inspirations. One of my inspirations right now is Kanye, yes Yeezus, and as matter of fact call me Freezus. I’ve also been looking for a job so if you see one, call me! I’m talking to you San Francisco chronicles. I’d love to live there and just take in their organic feel home atmosphere. If it’s organic, I’m there okay. “We are all gods.”- Kanye PEACE.

Farina Khalil, Editor

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