River City Sophomore Shoots for the School Record

River City Sophomore Shoots for the School Record

Saba Khan

River City High School has many talented students from all around the world. 15 year old sophomore, Irina Rudometkina is one of them. She started working out in May of 2010 when she realized that she had unusual strength for her size.

Her motivation is her older brother, Paul Rudometkin, an online physical trainer, who was also her trainer. Irina Rudometkina says, “I was interested in working out because I looked up to my brother a lot as a kid and still do.” Her brother inspired and pushed her to do this.

She currently has Mr. Brill’s Weights class for her elective and has done up to 46 pull ups. Pull-ups are an exercise involving raising oneself with one’s arms by pulling up against a horizontal bar fixed above one’s head.

Irina hasn’t recorded or sent in her video officially but her goal is to beat the school record. Irina’s workout buddy was her brother but he has been extremely busy with college so she works out on her own.

Many people at River City are starting to notice her for her hard work. “It definitely boosts up my mood to see people appreciate and recognize my hard work, especially on campus.” says Irina Rudometkina.

She tries to work out every single day except for Sundays, which is a rest day for her. Irina mostly works out her upper body such as pull-ups, pushups, dips, handstands etc.

“It makes me really happy to see how far my sister has gone with this and I’m sure she will break the world record someday. I’ve always had faith in her and I’m just really proud to call her my sister,” says Irina’s brother, Paul Rudometkin.

She emigrated from Russia to America when she was 4 years old. Irina is not only passionate about breaking the world record for pull-ups but she’s also a smart student who tries her best at school, while keeping up with her training. She’s very friendly and loves helping others out. She’s a great inspiration for the young generation.

Plenty of people underestimate girls, and Irina proves that girls can do anything boys can because she has weights, a class that mostly consists of boys and she still beat the record.

The most pull ups in 24 hours is 4,210 and was achieved by Caine Eckstein (Australia) on the set of NBC’s Today Show in New York, NY, USA, on October 6, 2014.