You Only Live Once, But You Get To Serve Twice


Beau Wetter, Writer

Emily Xu is not only a tennis star at River City, but is also a top ten sophomore.

“Joining the team has changed my life by incorporating love and companionship among my other fellow teammates. It has also made me more social and a happier person overall,” said Emily as explaining what tennis has done for her.

Emily is one of the 17 million people in the United States that plays tennis and is good at what she does on and off the court. Emily first got an interest in tennis when her mother showed her how to play when she was a kid.

She hopes to travel the world and be able to play tennis at the same time. Playing a sport and maintaining above a 4.0 GPA is hard. To Emily it is a piece of cake. Being a top ten sophomore is not at all easy to do. The fact that she also plays a sport sounds that is really stressful.

Stepping out on the court, either rain or shine, is very stressful especially knowing something big is on the line. Tennis has benefited Emily in big ways by helping her make friends and become more social.

“Emily is a great tennis player and a great friend all around. She is really good at school and making people laugh,” says freshman Anh Hoang.

She plays for the girl’s tennis team and is one of the best. Emily maintains a 4.25 which puts her in the top ten of her class. Emily does great things and is a great person overall.