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Super Computer

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Super Computer

Rebecca Schwartz, Writer

The school year ending is encouraging students all over River City High to try to get in those last few points to make a letter grade of difference. In 2009 the average female GPA was 3.10 on a 4 point scale, and that continues to be about the average today. In many places a 4.0 GPA is considered outstanding, however for Sophomore Erica Guan she’s broken the 4.0 barrier with a 4.42 GPA.

While that may seem impossible, by loading up on AP and Honors courses its very common to see a GPA above the standard 4.0, although Guan’s GPA is irregular even among the over 4.0 crew.

“I feel that people see students who take classes as I do as “Super Computers”. We’re all pretty smart and unique in our own way, I just want to be on an equal playing field as everyone else,” says Guan. “Getting classes like these [advanced classes] makes me feel accomplished and happy that I get to get as much as I can through the short years I have here.”

Despite being in clubs, she wishes she were more active in them, however having an outstanding GPA can leave little time for extra-curricular activities like sports, from which she tends to stay away from. Her introverted, yet personable personality sets her up to be dedicated and focused towards her still hazy future.

She plans to go to college directly after high school, though as for most sophomores, which college that is, and what they want to be is still a mystery to her.

“Overall,” says Guan, “I want to be the student who knows how to control myself and handles whatever life throws at me.”

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Rebecca Schwartz, Writer

I’m a junior at River City High school and I enjoy writing and talking with my friends. I’ve recently gotten into doing nails and makeup and I really...

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