Fashion Disaster Day

Manreet Virk, Editor

The first day of the River City Spirit Week was Fashion Disaster Day. Students could dress up tacky and they didn’t have to dress up as they normally would, although they still have to follow the school dress code.
“I go all out every year. I know its Monday and not a lot of people are dressed up, but hopefully there will be more spirited students tomorrow,” says senior Brannen Wright.
Spirit week gives student a chance to go all out and bring out the spirit in them. Most students liked Fashion Disaster Day because of the different outfit’s people chose to wear and that it allowed them to dress a little different from their usual style.
“I like Fashion Disaster Day because it’s fun to dress up in a way that you wouldn’t dress up in on a daily basis,” says senior Anna Deguzman.
Students had to dress within the dress code and keep it appropriate on campus. The first day was full spirited and no one had any problems.
“I like this day because I think people can wear things they wouldn’t normally wear that they actually would like to wear,” says senior Jocelyn Rodriguez.