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Class Color day

Jescherie Pascua Arela, Writer

Homecoming spirit week has come to River City High School and today the students are participating in Class Colors day. The students made their spirit week the best; they painted on their faces, some student’s twin with their friends. The freshmen color is white, sophomore navy blue, junior turquoise and the senior’s color is purple.
“It’s the best day of the Spirit week because I like dressing in our class color,” said Serina Phea, a senior student. Every year, class color day starts with a band where the march into the quad before first period.
During lunch time, students from different classes competed in playing water balloon toss and a DJ played music that students could dance to.
Rosalinda Paiz, a junior student, said, “I think it’s really a good thing that we’re going to wear a different color to participate in our spirit week, but I don’t like how it changes every year. I think my class color is pretty because one of my favorite color is turquoise.”
In the past years, the class colors for freshmen were supposed to be orange, sophomore turquoise, junior purple, and the senior was green.
Some students would like to change their class color. “I would like to change my class color to green because it’s a fun color and not as boring as white”, said freshmen Isabella Zink.

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