River City Uses New Technology


Students type on the new Chrome books to demonstrate the new technology that they now have access to.

AnnaMaria Corona, Writer

Mrs. Baldwin’s second period English 11 class started using Chrome books which are mini laptops that fold into tablets that are touch screen. They use them several times a week.
This is her first year incorporating them in her classroom. Baldwin stores the laptops in a file cabinet in her classroom, enough for everyone to use.
The chrome books allow us to use Google classroom. Google classroom is a classroom online. Instead of your teacher giving you an assignment in class she would send you an assignment on your chrome books.
Mia, a sophomore says, “I like how Google drive saves all your stuff and you don’t have to.”
There are certain restrictions regarding usage of the chrome books. These restrictions include distracting websites and or applications such as YouTube, twitter, Instagram, and any social media.
YouTube is one of the websites that WUSD district does not allow. On the other hand you can go on Pandora which is a music streaming website. You can go on any website that the district allows.
A special education teacher helping out with Mrs. Baldwin’s second period, Mr. Geivett, thinks the Chrome books are a good addition to classroom.
“It has changed the way we interact with the students and changes the way students respond to the work and the level of engagement. Changes the way we teach.” said Geivett.