Command at the Rally!


Photo taken by AnnaMaria Corona of the Command dance crew performing at the rally last week.

Danny Verdadero, Writer

Last Friday the command dance crew had their first performance at the homecoming rally, alongside other performances.
The choreographer for the dance was sophomore, Summer Wiseman, the only activity she is involved with at the moment is the command dance crew, “I’m not involved in anything else, dance is a passion.”
Summer also has helped with the choreography, “I have 2 VP’s that help me with routines, and it took me about a week.” Summer takes inspirations from celebrities, “I look at choreographies from celebrities such as Beyoncé and Tinashe, my favorite inspiration is Beyoncé.”
She finds amusement by entertaining people, “What I love most about dancing is making everyone smile with the choreography I use…” She still comes across some difficulties, “…people are behind or just slower than others, so during the performance it kind of messes up but as long as people have fun.”
When asked about how she felt about the final performance she responded, “I feel sooo proud of the outcome, making kids feel more confident, also the audience is enjoying the music.” A member of command dance crew, sophomore James Larson, is new to command, this being his first year.
He joined because he has been dancing at an early age, “…I have been dancing since I was 6 years old so dancing is like my life.” Before the performance, Larson was very nervous, “I get major anxiety, but I listen to music and dance to keep me calm.”
When asked how long it took him to learn all the choreography he responded, “It took the group about a week and a half to learn it but personally I learned each part right away, I had one difficulty and that was the body roles because I used to be a really stiff dancer.”
James felt like their performance could have been better, “it was really good however in my opinion we could have been a little bit more in sync and time a little bit better with the music.” When asked what Larson found to be the most enjoyable he responded, “The most fun was being able to be myself…without any judgment or sense of not belonging. I’m excited and I hope we get to do a little bit more contemporary dance instead of strictly hip hop,” when asked if Larson wanted to add anything he responded, “yeah for anyone in general I want to tell them that no matter how many people make fun of you or discriminate you always follow your dreams, and everyone has a talent…if you’re not looking for the rainbow you’ll find the clouds.”