Leadership student falls during rally


River city junior and leadership student Prava Narayan trips and falls on the tarp in the gym during last week’s rally.

AnnaMaria Corona, Writer

River City High School had their homecoming rally last Friday, at the end of the school day and one of the leadership student tripped on the tarp during the rally and was injured.
The rally had games that involved students. One of the games was musical chairs. Leadership students were walking around the gym with the chairs and blind folded students from each class had to try to find the chairs.
One of the leadership students that was dragging the chair while another student was chasing her, the leadership student tripped on the lip of the tarp and fell.
Junior Prava Narayan, the injured student said, “I was helping out with the musical chairs and I was shaking the chair while walking backwards. As I was walking, the chair got caught in the open part of the tarp which caused me to fall.”
Beginning of last school year it has been required that tarps had to be laid down during rallies because of an incident where students threw paint balloons on the gym floor. The principles’ secretary, Ms. Smith, said that the other reason why the tarp is there is because the games that leadership plays would ruin the floor.
“I would prefer that they [the tarp] are not there but, it’s not my decision,” says Leadership teacher Ms. Johnson.
Ms. Smith found out about the injured student when she heard over the radio for someone to bring a wheelchair to the gym. She then called Narayan’s parents.
“I have an appointment next Tuesday for an x-ray that will determine when and if I get surgery. After Tuesday they will tell me if I need another cast or boot,” said Narayan.