River City ESL Student


Anoman Afridi at their ESL class having a conversation and having fun with one of his friend during their group meeting.

Jescherie Pascua Arela, Writer

A junior student named Anoman Afridi, just came to the United States a 1 ½ years ago. His first language is Pashto, the language of his home land Afghanistan.
“Pashto is my first language but I know 3 more languages which is Urdu, Hindi, and English but I still want to learn new languages so that I can communicate to some of my friends”.
Adjusting can be hard for some people who are new at the country. “I adjust myself by making new friends so that I can feel more comfortable,” said Afridi.
At ESL class they learn new words which sometimes hard for them to understand. “If I don’t know the word that my teacher is telling us, I always raise my hand and ask”. He thinks learning English as a second language is “awesome” and “I feel happy learning English.”
Sophomore, Jescherie Pascua is a friend of Afridi at River City. She came here last October 10, 2014 from the Philippines and she’s a new student. She met Afridi in their ESL class.
“I first noticed him when he is always asking questions to our teacher and accidently we were in the same group project and that’s when I met him then became a friend”.
After they met Pascua and Afridi began to work together. “I always help him at our class and in return he helps me too”, said Pascua.
ESL student are placed there because the state of education code requires limited English students to have ELD/ESL daily. They are placed there if they are a new student in the country, those students who just came here less than 5 years are placed to ESL.
Although learning a new language is difficult many of the students in the ESL class work for to learn English. “Learning English is sometimes hard for me specially learning a vocabulary word, but I still love learning English”, said Pascua.